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A/Fuel Action - Goodguys 2004 60 min

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A/Fuel Action For Tony Waters highlights the 2004 Goodguys VRA 2004 A/Fuel action at it's best, including record runs and top end photography of high speed dragsters tying to slow down! ...something dragsters don't like to do after a 200 mph pass. Most of the A/Fuel cars that were competing at the Goodguys VRA races are included. The injected cars run on Nitro and the blown cars run on Alcohol. We give special notice to Tony Waters and his team. Tony is a legend in the sport. He was Top Eliminator runner-up at the first March Meet @Famoso - 1959, in his blown roadster. It's great to see the old timers still giving the youngsters a run for their money. A top end altercation takes place where two cars come together at the same turnoff. One of the cars is Tony's. Like most old timers of the sport, they pick up the pieces and put them back together again for another season. However most of the youngsters have this same spirit and will come back next season to give the old man hell.

Tracks include, Famoso, Las Vegas, & Pomona.