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1968 Ford Mustang DVD

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1968 Ford Mustang DVD

Description: 50 minutes.

Two teams. Two classic cars with some re-assembly required. Twenty hours to go until a winner-take-all race. Welcome to FULL THROTTLE. Hosted by the Turbo Twins Marc and Eric Kozeluh--legendary street-racers and owners of California's Twins Turbo Motorsport Engineering, each episode goes under the hood, into the past, and onto the street with a storied vehicle.

By 1968, Ford's original Mustang had just about been perfected, and the car had won over legions of fans, from Sunday drivers to hot rodders. Some 35 years later, the power of the classic pony car to enthrall drivers has not faded, and in this exciting hour, we'll trace its history as two teams race to prepare two examples for a high-stakes quarter-mile contest. See how modern, high-performance technology transforms this vintage vehicle into a drag strip screamer.