Pre-Order: 2020 Austin Prock Montana Brand Rocky Mountain Twist 1/24 Scale Diecast


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Pre Orders are now available! Please read below before your purchase.

1) Why do I need to pre-order?
a) Pre-ordering ensures that a customer will receive their diecast car; some diecast cars have a very low production quantity and can sell out quickly. As a collector’s item, these diecast cars are never reproduced after a model has sold out.

2) When will I receive my diecast?
a) Current estimated delivery date: Sometime in the fall of 2020. **
i) **John Force Racing diecast cars are highly detailed collector’s items. Manufacturing these items is difficult and the process of approvals and manufacturing can take several months. Delays often occur and can last as long as four months as our manufacturer strives for perfection when replicating our race cars. Please allow for delays on these products, we try our best to keep our customers updated for release dates.

3) Can I order a pre-order with other regular products?
a) Pre-orders will not be allowed to be ordered with regular products in the store. This allows for timely shipment on regular items you may order.

4) Can I order more than one pre-order product in my order?
a) Pre-order products may be combined with other pre-orders, but shipment will be delayed until the last item is in stock. (i.e., If you pre-order a dragster and a Funny Car diecast, the Dragster may arrive in July but will not be shipped until we receive the Funny Cars in the fall).

Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 6 × 6 in